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Effective Plant Protection and Insect Trapping Solution

Protect your home and garden with the REAGRON® Pheromone Insect Trap

Moths are not only annoying, but can be very unhealthy and harmful. They can do serious damage to the plants in your garden, orchard, or vineyard through their larvae. Protecting your crops from these pests is necessary if you want to grow healthy fruits, nuts, and crops that are free from toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides.


The REAGRON® Pheromone Insect Trap is an effective solution to moth infestation, promoting a healthy home, lawn, garden, and orchard. To produce healthy, less harmful plants and fruits that you and your family can enjoy, choose an insect trap that works effectively in controlling a large amount of pests.

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What is REAGRON® Pheromone Insect Trap?

REAGRON® is a pheromone insect trap that releases sex pheromone specific to particular pests and insects, luring the adult species and confining them into the trap. Once in the trap, the pests will stick to the adhesive plate, where they can be identified, counted, and/or wiped off.

What sets REAGRON® apart from other pheromone traps and products is that it is designed to help you determine the optimum timing of chemical controls that will pollute our plants and crops in the environment. With this vital information on hand, it can be easy to reduce or possibly eliminate the chemicals that pollute our surroundings.

The REAGRON® Pheromone Insect Trap fights against the 11 most common fruit pests, including apples, pears, nuts, almonds, cherries, grapes, apricots, and plums. With our effective pheromone traps, you can now enjoy munching on your favorite fruits without worrying about harmful insects and pests.

Benefits of Using REAGRON® Pheromone Insect Trap

Get Rid of Moths Fast

Pheromone insect traps are effective and fast acting. REAGRON® insect traps can catch 11 types of fruit pests simply by releasing a pheromone attractant that quickly lures these insects onto the board.


Grow Healthy Bio Fruits

By using REAGRON® pheromone insect traps, you are eliminating the use of insecticides and pesticides to kill pests in your garden. This means, you are producing healthier bio fruits and nuts free from chemical contamination.

Protect Your Home and Surroundings

More than your fruits, plants, and crops, the REAGRON® Pheromone Insect Trap can help protect your home and family. By controlling harmful pests, you can be sure to only use the freshest ingredients for your loved ones.

Our Best Sellers

Trust Only The Best Pheromone Insect Trap

For effective and reliable insect trapping solutions, REAGRON® is the only name to remember. Get our pheromone insect traps in gardens, specialist stores, or directly at the manufacturer!

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